We offer over ten different edge profiles, and we will assist you in identifying which edge profile is right for your lifestyle. We will provide you with a quick overview of the characteristics of the edge profiles, helping you choose the correct edge profile best suited to your needs. Below is a display of the most popular different edge profiles we offer.

Edge profiles are what makes a difference between a nice looking countertop and a fantastic looking Countertop, We have eight choices of Edges Profiles available, some of them are Standard Edge Profiles at no extra cost to you, and some others have a little extra cost.

Choosing you edge may seem like a personal preference, but choosing a countertop edge can have a big impact on cleaning, liquid spills, crumb pick up, and other little daily chores that you probably wouldn’t think of when making this type of decision. But, they are all factors.

We recommend an Eased countertop edge (Standard) because is easy to wipe crumbs from. Like the name implies, it is chiseled to create a softer edge than a completely square one, which prevents “ouchies” from accidentally running into it. Also, another reason is that it will never be considered outdated.

If you require any further information or design advise please do not hesitate in contact us we will be thrilled to help you!


CORONA Countertops Corp was established in 2018 by Albeiro Taborda and his daughter Sara Taborda.

Our founder, Albeiro Taborda, started working in the solid surface countertop industry over 20 years ago in the U.S, in cities such as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Florida. Albeiro opened the first Canadian countertop company in Fort McMurray in 2006. And after 10 years developing his expertise in the field, he decided to bring his daughter along opening Quantum Leap.

Since 2010, QLG has a fully functioning shop in Edmonton, for products which include Engineered QuartzGranite, & Marble.

In recent years, we have become DIRECT IMPORTERS of our products (the process by which our president involved personally), and this allows us to ensure better quality control and helps us maintain the best prices in the Area!

Every year, we participate in international trade shows to keep us informed of the newest products on the market. We are experts in restoration and maintenance of natural stone.

After several years in the market and being well positioned; they wanted to reinvent themselves to strengthen and optimize the processes and provide a better service to all their customers. Creating a new and improve service CORONA Countertops